The Pocinho Rowing and Canoeing High Performance Center has been a strong presence for two days at the Estoril Congress Center, in the "Portugal: sports destination" exhibition, promoted by the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP), in cooperation with the Sports Foundation , in which the Portuguese entities linked to the Olympic movement have the opportunity to promote their activities and infrastructures.

This participation became strategic with regard to the international promotion of HPSC, as it was also held at the II MEMOS Convention, the MEMOS International Convention, a meeting of current and former students of the executive master in management of sports organizations sponsored by Olympic Solidarity , with the involvement of 16 universities from around the world.

During the 6th and 7th of December, there were numerous managers, teachers, athletes and former athletes, presidents of federations and Olympic committees of a large number of countries that were present at the promotional booth of the HPSC. This international convention hosted a number of opportunities for Pocinho HPSCto make itself known to around 200 participants from around the world (around 170 countries) and to foster contacts and sharing of knowledge about the most recent developments of the Olympic Movement , sports organizations and above all the unique training conditions available to the HPSC.

At the opening of the exhibition "Portugal: sports destination", the Pocinho HPSC also had the opportunity to receive the official delegation, consisting of the President of the Olympic Committee of Portugal, José Manuel Constantino, representatives of the International Olympic Committee, the two MEMOS Directors, Thierry Zintz Alain Ferrand of the University of Poitiers (France), as well as internationally renowned lecturers: Michael Vesper of the German Olympic Committee, Barry Maister, Director of the Education Committee of the International Olympic Committee, Marisol Casado , President of the International Triathlon Federation and Jochen Farber, Chief of Staff of the Olympic Channel of Lausanne, to which the HPSCvalues were presented.