The building is organized in 3 distinct areas, Social Zone, Accommodation Zone and Training Zone, and it was thought to ensure mobility and accessibility for all in an extension of 8,000 m2.

Training Area:

  • Fully equipped gym, with about 500m²;
  • Administrative and theoretical support rooms for training;
  • Meeting room of coaches;
  • Multimedia room for theoretical classes and video screenings;
  • Multipurpose rooms for national technical teams;
  • Medical area with complementary diagnostic facilities;
  • Indoor pool 25m x 5,65m (depths between 1,20m e 1,70m);
  • Relaxation area with whirlpool, Sauna, Turkish bath;
  • Shower rooms;
  • Technical installations.

Outdoor Training Zone:

  • Outdoor Sports Area;
  • Douro River, by platform of access to the water plan, in the Cais of Pocinho (1 km from the Center), with hangar for boats and nautical equipment.

The Social Area has:

  • Auditorium with translation rooms (for 3 different languages);
  • A study room with library and cyberspace;
  • Living room with games and living areas;
  • Administrative office, meeting room;
  • Canteen for around 70 users;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Barroom;
  • Terrace;
  • Support area: kitchen, laundry, sanitary.

Accommodation Zone:

  • 85 rooms with capacity for 159 athletes (2 suites, 9 single, 74 double);
  • laundries;
  • Pantries.

Other areas / equipment:

  • Garage, with 500 m2;
  • Technical areas distributed by the building.

Technical Specifications

Quant. Tipo
1 Deltóides Machine
1 Machine for pectorals in bench press
1 Incline Bench Pectoral Machine
1 Bottom bench press machine
2 Rowing Machine
2 Low Back Row Machine
2 High Back Rower Machine
1 Dorsal and Biceps Machine in Low Pull
1 Machine for glutes and hamstrings
2 Machine for abductors
1 Machine for hamstrings
3 Machine for quadriceps
1 Machine for calves muscles
2 Machine for multiple requests with bar and vertical guides
1 Machine for multiple requests with cables and pulleys
1 Multi-Requester Machine with Continuous Handles and Three-Dimensional Sheaves
3 Cardiovascular exercise machine for running on treadmill
3 Machine for cardiovascular exercise by static bicycle
2 Body Upper Body Exercise Machine
16 Rotating cardiovascular exercise machine
2 Adjustable bench
1 Bank crunch for multiple abdominal exercises
2 Horizontal bench for multiple exercises
1 Inclined Bench for Multiple Exercises
1 Inclined bench for multiple exercises of the lumbar zone
2 Scott bench for biceps exercises
1 Various Weights, Bars and Dumbells
1 Functional supplementary training equipment
  Online software system for athlete training prescription
  Interactive device for consultation of online training prescriptions
10 Step aerobic adjustable in 3 heights

Installations Plans

Planta do CAR