Founded in 1858, the Kingston Rowing Club is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world and has a national and international success. Situated by the River Thames between Kingston Bridge and Teddington Lock, rowers enjoy one of the longest and quietest tidal tracts in the UK, with more than 7 km of navigable water. However, in the Pocinho Rowing Center, some international medalists from this renowned club, who trained for two weeks in Pocinho HSCP, have about 28km in the Douro River to complete the internship.

The coach, Birgith Sims, one of the most traveled athletes of the Kingston Rowing Club, made a point of emphasizing that "this high-performance center is one of the best equipped in the world, whose water plan offers the best conditions for practicing this modality. The athletes were extremely enthusiastic about the indoor and outdoor training conditions as well as the hospitality, the tranquility of the venue - which elevates the athlete's concentration levels and allows clarity of communication between coach and athletes during training in the river - and with the fact that all support infrastructures are located in the same sports complex."

Thus, this club has already signaled that it intends to return next year, with a greater number of athletes, also carrying out a work of publicizing the Pocinho CAR by the English rowing community.