On May 28th and 29th, several journalists and opinion makers from various countries, such as Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, France, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden were present at Pocinho Center.  This meeting, which was part of the CAR Internationalization Project in partnership with the National Sports Foundation, aimed to make known all the CAR's facilities, equipment and infrastructures in loco, expanding the projection of this center across borders, through the participation of several media groups, including UOL, Veja, Eurosport do Brasil, Huanqiu Wang and Huaao Xingkong of China, Mens Health Magazine of Dubai, TDM - Broadcasting of Macau, Championat and Sport Leaders of Russia.

The meeting was attended by Foz Côa Mayor, Gustavo Duarte, Executive Director of the Sports Foundation, Paulo Marcolino, the President of the Rowing Federation, Luís Teixeira and the Vice-President of the Paralympic Committee of Portugal, Sandro Araújo.

This action will lead to the publication of news releases, reports, articles and opinion articles in the countries of origin of the prospectors, which have an influence that extends beyond the borders of their countries, extending the promotion of the High Income Center of Pocinho to other international markets.
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